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I cannot open or save mp3 files. Why is this?

You probably have an old version of the software installed. Older versions of the software made use of third-party mp3 codecs that are already installed on your computer for saving and opening mp3 files. Starting with version 3.0 we have included full mp3 and mp3PRO support, thus not depending on third-party mp3 codecs anymore.
I have no sound output, except from your Audio Recorder. Why is this?

The Sound Recorder automatically make sure that the volume is set correctly when it starts, but other programs most times don't do this automatically.
If you don't hear any sound when the Recorder is not running, then you can manually control the sound channels on your system with the Windows volume controls.
To show the Windows volume controls, double click on the little speaker icon in the task bar of Windows (near the clock) and make sure that the volume slider for the Wave channel is not set too low or even muted.
Why is the disk full so quickly when I use Audio Recorder?

Sound files are very large files. Specially sound files that are suitable for making an audio CD take a lot of disk space, because they contain the information for two-channel (stereo) sound with a frequency of 44.1 kHz.
For each second of digital sound, you need approximately 172 Kb of free disk space. That is approximately 10 megabyte for each minute.
Please note that the actual amount of required disk space depends on the selected recording quality.
As soon as you have recorded the sound files on an audio CD, you can of course remove the files from disk again.
Can I record an Internet broadcast through RealAudio?

You can record from virtually any sound source that is audible through the computer speakers, including Internet broadcasts with RealAudio for example.
Just make sure to follow these steps:
  1. First start play-back of the Internet broadcast in the player you are using, like RealPlayer.
  2. Wait for RealPlayer to start play-back. First it will download a couple of seconds of sound, before it starts play-back.
  3. Then start the Sound Recorder and select the appropriate sound source.
    The names of the sound sources differ from one system to another, but the sound source for recording RealAudio play-back, is usually named Wave, Stereo Mix, What You Hear, or something in similar wording.
    The Sound Recorder will automatically select the appropriate recording quality if needed.
  4. Start recording in the Sound Recorder.
    Optionally you can restart play-back in RealPlayer, to record the whole sound clip from the beginning.

Note that on certain computers you cannot change the recording quality to anything other than that of the sound quality of the Internet broadcast.
Also on certain computers you will get an error message in RealPlayer, about not being able to access the sound card, if you started the Sound Recorder before starting play-back in the RealAudio player. In that case the selected recording quality in the Sound Recorder window does not match that of the Internet broadcast and then RealPlayer cannot access the sound card for play-back. Just follow the steps explained above, to resolve this conflict.